Open Innovation

We innovate to solve customers problems

Collaborative framework to achieve customer goals

We continuously work to provide value & develop differentiating propositions so that our customers can attain their business aspirations.


Our innovation ecosystem is built on four key pillars

Co-creation & Design Thinking

We are leaders in helping organisations stay relevant with their customers by accelerating & realising innovative ideas. We use a design thinking process to uncover unmet customer needs, co-create innovative ideas & prototype/ test potential solutions for our customers.

#FutureNow Scale-up Program

We bring new innovative solutions by collaborating with scaleups & companies from across the globe, combining emerging technologies with our capabilities, to create innovative solutions for our clients.

Open Innovation Centres

Showcasing real-time platforms & projects to inspire our visitors on how e& enterprise solutions can support them solving problems & enhancing efficiency for their businesses.

IoT Partner Programme

We support IoT companies & developers by enriching the IoT ecosystem through different opportunities, workshops, events, & providing them with access to our IoT platform to deploy their IoT solutions & support their growth.

Discover our Open Innovation
Program FutureNow

The FutureNow program is a leading corporate innovation program providing business opportunities across the region

Benefits of Being Part of FutureNow

FutureNow Calls

Start immediately, which is imperative in today’s fast growing business environment.

Co-Creation Lab

Engage in a creative process with our digital experts to co-create innovation solutions that solve problems for your customers.

IoT Partner Programme

We invite you to be part of our ecosystem of IoT partners. We want to support the most innovative IoT solutions by taking advantage of our 5G network & AI capabilities.

Experience Results

See how companies are bringing efficiency to their organisation through e& enterprise solutions.

Platforms Capabilities

Walk-through all the features e& enterprise platforms have, bringing results through analytics & proactive monitoring.

FutureNow Talks

Open conversations about the latest technologies supporting digital transformation in the United Arab Emirates. A series of interviews with subject matter experts on various technology trends ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Kubernates, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Edge Computing & more.

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