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At e& enterprise, we recognise that positive customer experiences are the cornerstone of business growth. In an ever-evolving business landscape, where customer sentiments continuously shift, having a smart CX strategy can make all the difference between stagnation and exponential growth.

With this understanding at our core, we adopt a holistic and customer-focused approach to CX consulting. By combining our client’s vision with our expertise, we develop a detailed execution roadmap; a strategy that covers every touchpoint, delivering transformative results for businesses.


Why Choose CX Consulting?

Objective Analysis

At e& enterprise, our seasoned consultants bring an outsider’s perspective, offering a fresh set of eyes to assess your current strategies and identify areas of improvement. 


Adaption to Trends

We ensure smooth integration of the latest tech into your CX strategy, effectively future-proofing your operations and positioning your brand as an industry innovator. 


Focused CX Transformation

With e& enterprise as your partner, your team can focus on core competencies. This symbiotic relationship enables optimal resource utilisation, allowing your businesses to thrive. 


Our CX Consulting Approach

At e& enterprise, our CX consulting approach is customer-centric and streamlined. We meticulously align our strategies with your goals, managing the entire process from initial analysis to final output monitoring.

Unfolding across four stages, each stage presents an opportunity to gain more insights and bring a holistic CX transformation to your business.

In this stage, we assess your current positioning in regards to customer experience and benchmark it against industry leaders. Through data analysis, customer feedback, and interviews, we evaluate the maturity of CX capabilities, including personas, journeys, and touchpoints, to pinpoint gaps and opportunities.

Here, we transform possibilities into practicalities, crafting a vision for your future customer experience. Collaboratively, we identify the necessary CX capabilities to realise this vision and establish success metrics that guide us toward achieving our overarching goals. Everything from deciding key metrics to prioritisation happens here. 

Next, we create a detailed CX blueprint, illustrating the operational aspect of your future customer experience. This plan spans people, processes & technology, offering a roadmap for the seamless implementation of our proposed strategy.

In this final stage, we bring the CX strategy to life, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to application. Beyond execution, we assess the effectiveness of the implemented strategy. This phase is dedicated to answering the crucial question: Does the new CX deliver the intended ROI and benefits? 

Finally, we establish KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the implemented CX strategy. Regular monitoring and assessment ensure that the desired CX improvements are realised and the business remains aligned with its customer-centric goals.


Unlock Growth with Proven CX Strategies

● Trusted Service Partner

● Driving Innovation

● 360-Degree Customer View

● Enhanced Customer Experience 

● Increased Sales & Traffic

● Strengthened Customer Loyalty

● Data Unification

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