Driven by the Power of Collaboration & Innovation

Here at e& enterprise, we embrace innovation by unlocking the infinite potential that lies beyond our organisation.

By focusing on the following pillars of innovation, we aim to create a dynamic & transformative ecosystem where ideas bloom, partnerships thrive, & practical solutions are born through innovation.

Innovation Generators

Large Tech Companies
Academia Institutions
Government Organisations

Our FutureNow Innovation Hubs

We host innovation activities & events at our dedicated hubs, where individuals & organisations come together to unleash their creativity. These catalyse collaboration, sparking new ideas & driving breakthrough innovations. Through curated workshops, brainstorming sessions, & interactive exercises, we create an environment that encourages innovative thinking & idea exchange.

Multiple Collaboration Activations

Thought Leadership

We bring together industry experts, academics, entrepreneurial leaders to have engaging & interactive sessions of panel discussions, fireside chats, & innovation keynotes, in order to provide dynamic opportunities for clients, employees, & ecosystem partners alike to be exposed to new trends, technologies & to embrace the innovation mindset & spirit.

Inspiring Dialogue & Collaboration

We host roundtable events where industry experts & innovators discuss emerging trends & challenges, share insights, & build networks. By facilitating open dialogue & collaboration, we strive to drive collective intelligence & identify new opportunities for innovation.

Propelling Promising Ventures Forward

We give aspiring entrepreneurs & startups a platform to showcase their ideas. A panel of industry experts, investors, & mentors who evaluate & provide valuable feedback on the presented pitches, helps participants gain exposure, secure finding, & drive success.

Cultivating Rapid Innovation & Problem-Solving

Our hackathons are intensive events where participants work together to solve complex challenges & develop new solutions. We organise hackathons that attract diverse participants, including developers, designers & innovators.

Inspiring Collaboration & Knowledge Exchange

Our conferences provide a platform for industry leaders to explore trends, share insights, & collaborate. We aim to inspire innovation, encourage collaborations, & create an environment where knowledge is shared & new partnerships are formed.

Check out our recent events

FutureNow Talk with Ikigai

Dive into the world of AI in enterprises with our exclusive panel discussion featuring ikigailabs & our top executives who explore the limitless potential of AI in business.

A Founder's Journey

The event focused on te founder's story ideation to a successful exit where Craig Moore, Founder & CEO of Beehive shared valuable insights & takeaways on his experience with Beehive.


Innovation Insight Report

Data Driven Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI 

Today, everyone is eager to engage in conversations about generative AI. Questions about its potential, upcoming developments, concerns & the opportunity for profit have taken centre stage.

Nonetheless, the progress of generative AI has been under scrutiny since 2020. It was not until late 2022 that generative AI made its grand entrance into the mainstream spotlight, all thanks to the ground-breaking launch of ChatGPT. 

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