Sustainability as a Service

e& enterprise’s Blueprint for a Greener Tomorrow!

Sustainability is not a choice, it is a mandate.

Markets strive to grow while tackling the energy crisis & the impact of global markets. We help businesses become more sustainable, embedding the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into its frameworks. Drawing inspiration from both global initiatives & the governments’ vision for an ecologically balanced future, we are proud to offer our 'Sustainability as a Service'. 


Dive deep into your organisation's ecological footprint

GHG Accounting

We assess your organisation’s environmental impact, categorising it into three scopes & help you reduce them.

●     Scope 1:  Direct Emissions

●     Scope 2: Indirect Emissions from Energy Purchases

●     Scope 3: All Other Indirect Emissions

We understand your carbon footprint to create a game plan to reach your sustainability objectives.


ESG Evaluation

We offer a 360-degree review of your Environmental, Social, & Governance practices. By gaining a deep understanding & benchmarking these practices, we pave the way for a sustainable journey that is marked by clear milestones & transparency.


Harness the Power of Data for Sustainability

Our integrated platform offers automated data collection; eliminating manual or siloed processes. This comprehensive view empowers organisations to make informed, data-driven decisions that matter.

We automate data collection to avoid data silos, facilitating accurate emissions calculation across all scopes. 

We help you meet your sustainability goals by tracking your progress against sustainability goals, which helps to streamline the reporting process.

We help you with insights & strategies to reduce emissions, maintaining uniformity in our approach across all stages.

Centre of Excellence

Our Centre of Excellence has the right experts that monitor your sustainability performance & fine-tune strategies to ensure you consistently deliver & adapt to the changing landscape. It acts as a dynamic hub for refining & evolving strategies, ensuring that your organisation's sustainability initiatives are not static but continuously improve. This involves a proactive approach to understanding the changing landscape of sustainability, including technological advancements, regulatory changes, & evolving social expectations. 

Smart Solutions for Greener Operations

Tailored to your industries, our suite of smart solutions is designed to weave sustainability into the fabric of your operations. 

Sustainability Insights

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