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In the face of evolving cyber threats, emerging technologies, and increasing compliance demands, organisations require a comprehensive approach to safeguard their digital infrastructure.

Our team at Help AG offers a 360-degrees portfolio of security services and solutions, blending our deep expertise, innovation-centric DNA, and forward-thinking strategies to equip you with the means to build proactive defences and the agility to predict and adapt to new threats.

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Our Portfolio

Explore our end-to-end Zero Trust Solutions – a comprehensive suite of security solutions crafted to protect every facet of your infrastructure. From devices and applications to networks and processes, we ensure robust security without compromising accessibility or user experience. With our solutions, your critical assets are shielded, allowing you to operate seamlessly and confidently.

Discover how we empower your cyber defences with top-notch global security solutions customised for local threats and requirements. Locally hosted on cutting-edge platforms and tools, our services are delivered by a certified expert team, ensuring your business thrives in a secure, resilient cyber ecosystem.

Learn about our Managed Security Services (MSS) – a comprehensive range of security services, blending local delivery and data handling, top-notch security practices, compliance with local requirements, market-leading technologies, and the best in cybersecurity experts.

As the largest MSS team in the region, our CSOCs in the UAE and KSA deliver unmatched defence, regional experience, and multi-country threat intelligence.

Discover our Next-Gen Platforms—locally hosted for swift application deployment. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, they come equipped with built-in features for analytics, AI, and automation, ensuring efficiency in the face of distributed complexities.


Help AG -part of e& enterprise-
a cybersecurity powerhouse

Present in the Middle East since 2004 and strategically acquired by e& in 2020, Help AG deliver next-generation cybersecurity services and solutions as part of e& enterprise. At Help AG, we blend strategic consulting and bespoke information security solutions and services to help governments and enterprises across the Middle East secure their digital transformation journey while maintaining a competitive edge.

As a recognised cybersecurity leader in the region, we ensure our customers benefit from robust resilience and agility to thrive in an increasingly digital era.

Help AG offers a wealth of Cybersecurity Resources

Keep tabs on the latest happenings in the cybersecurity landscape & get access to expert insights & findings.

Read all about the latest digital threats from Help AG’s MSS team, who are among the first in the region to learn & act upon new threats.

Explore a wealth of information on various cybersecurity topics, incorporating expertise and thought leadership from the region’s top cybersecurity experts.

Dive into engaging videos and gain expert insights on our services, solutions, and all things cybersecurity.

Join our cybersecurity events where we share knowledge, investigate new technologies, and celebrate new ways to transform the global cybersecurity ecosystem into a community that is more collaborative, vital and diverse.

Read comprehensive reports and whitepapers focusing on the evolving cybersecurity ecosystem in the Middle East from the point of view of leading cybersecurity experts and pioneers.

Dive deep into our diverse array of cutting-edge services and solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of your organisation.

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