engageX Convers-AI

Delivering superior experiences with a one-of-its-kind conversational AI platform  

engageX Convers-AI, a One of a Kind Conversational AI Platform

Locally hosted in e& enterprise Cloud infrastructure to ensure data localisation.

engageX Convers-AI is a secured platform, with unmatched features, that is aimed at achieving the dual objectives of automating business processes & improving customer experience through AI-enabled bots.

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Elevate Customer Experience with engageX CPaaS from e& enterprise

A secure, unified digital platform, designed to transform your customer interactions. It seamlessly integrates all your communication channels, such as Voice, Video and Messages, into one ecosystem: from marketing to operations to customer service. The result is a ground-breaking solution that reduces operational costs and increases customer service efficiency.

Customer Journey

At this stage, trigger-based, targeted notifications are sent to create awareness about products & services.

This is to resolve customer queries & provide more details about products & services through interactive messaging. 

This ensures notifications & follow-ups so that you can send targeted notifications to customers informing them about the status of their purchases. Customers can also reach out & receive updates about their purchases through interactive messaging. 

This is where all aspects of customer queries can be resolved & automated through AI chatbots or voice bots & escalated to human agents in case of failover. 

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