IT & Business Process Outsourcing

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In today’s evolving business landscape, staying competitive requires more than just adaptability - it demands strategic decisions to meet diverse technological & operational needs.

At e& enterprise, our approach focuses on streamlining complexities, expediting integration, & adopting versatile strategies. Our commitment to enhancing business values ensures the delivery of top-notch IT & Business Process Outsourcing services, making us a trusted partner in your business journey.

Our Capabilities


Our team, comprised of industry-certified & experienced professionals, brings a wealth of expertise to each project. With an extensive partner network, we enhance scalability to meet diverse needs effectively. Also committed to Emiratisation, we prioritise recruiting, training, & developing local talent for community & economic growth.


We adhere to ITIL best practices & the ISO 20000 framework, guaranteeing excellence through streamlined processes. Our commitment to transparency & accountability is evident through well-defined SLAs & OLAs. Stakeholders stay informed through our regular reporting, & our three-tier governance model ensures thorough oversight for strategic alignment & ongoing enhancement.


We focus on using top-notch IT tools to make our services smooth & efficient. By integrating recognised platform & network management tools, we ensure everything runs well & meets industry standards for oversight, performance, & reliability. This helps us follow best practices, meet compliance requirements, & keep things secure, meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Our Outsourcing Models

We excel in delivering adaptable, scalable, & strategic outsourcing solutions designed to enhance your operations & achieve specific business goals. Our tailored models empower your organisation to navigate complexities, seize growth opportunities, mitigate risks, & foster innovation within your specific industry landscape.

We emphasise service excellence with a transparent SLA commitment, ensuring reliability & accountability. Each client is assigned a Dedicated Service Delivery Manager, fostering a strong relationship between our team & the client's management. Our enterprise ITO team oversees resource selection & hiring to align with project needs, & we provide flexible facilities tailored to specific requirements.

Our Staff Augmentation services provide tailored solutions for organisations, addressing specific skill needs, enhancing capabilities, & achieving key objectives. This approach empowers businesses to efficiently tackle challenges, seize growth opportunities, & thrive in today's dynamic environment.

We provide organisations with a strategic & efficient method to transition employees, contractors, or consultants, ensuring talent retention, operational continuity, stakeholder satisfaction, & strategic alignment are maintained.

We provide tailored solutions that fit the unique needs & goals of organisations. By focusing on flexibility, efficiency, collaboration, & continuous improvement, we help them tackle challenges & achieve their goals.

Service Portfolio

Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse technological & operational needs.

Managed Services

Our Technical Service Desk is dedicated to solving complex IT problems, while the Business Service Desk addresses broader business challenges with a focus on smooth communication & operational efficiency. Understanding the distinct responsibilities & tools of each desk helps organisations refine their support strategies & improve overall performance.

Our services are designed to guarantee that your organisation's platforms & applications perform optimally, ensuring security & user satisfaction. By implementing best practices, collaborating closely, utilising advanced tools, & constantly improving, we establish strong support frameworks. This approach enables us to drive digital excellence, improve operational efficiency, & deliver value to stakeholders.

Our IT Field Support services are customised to uphold the operational integrity & performance of IT infrastructures in diverse settings. By adhering to best practices, fostering clear communication, & leveraging advanced tools, we bolster your support capabilities, minimise risks, & champion digital excellence.

Our NOC services oversee critical network systems for seamless operations and security. We offer comprehensive services, including software updates, IT infrastructure maintenance, secure data backups, antivirus support, patch management, email efficiency, continuous network monitoring, performance reporting, and reliable disaster recovery solutions.

We lead in modern business solutions, providing a versatile range of offerings for various industries. Using a strategic mix of digital transformation, customer-focused methods, advanced data analytics, & effective problem-solving, we enable organisations to innovate & prosper. As the business landscape evolves, our Call Centre/BPO services remain adaptable, resilient, & essential.

We empower your organisation with a flexible & scalable solution to fulfil talent needs & enhance capabilities. With the help of external expertise & specialised skills, businesses can adeptly address challenges & seize opportunities.

Our IT Audit & Consultancy services are designed to navigate organisations through today's complex digital challenges. We offer strategic insights, assessments, & actionable recommendations to strengthen IT governance, enhance security measures, & promote operational excellence.


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