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Revolutionising urban living with innovative, eco-friendly, & smart solutions

Next-generation urban solutions

We harness the power of innovative technologies to create liveable, efficient, & eco-friendly urban environments. Our sustainable & smart city solutions range from Sustainability as a Service to Managed Digital KYC, forming a comprehensive suite that caters to various aspects of urban management & development.

Driven by innovation, our solutions are reshaping the urban landscape, making cities smarter, more sustainable, & more connected. Our commitment to advancing sustainability is evident in every service we provide, as we aim to reduce environmental impact, enhance living standards, & promote sustainable growth.

Solutions Overview

Discover our portfolio of solutions & see how we can make your vision of a smarter, greener future a reality.


Sustainability as a Service

A holistic approach to driving sustainable practices & solutions

Our Sustainability as a Service solution integrates sustainability consultancy, management, solar energy & smart IoT solutions, & a centre of excellence. It offers a strategic & operational framework to help businesses incorporate sustainable practices, optimise resources, reduce environmental footprint, & drive positive change.

Smart City

Innovative solutions for intelligent & sustainable urban living

Our Smart City solution combines smart building, parking, waste management, street lighting, environmental monitoring, & smart spaces. We help transform cities into intelligent, interconnected, & sustainable urban spaces. By leveraging advanced technologies, we enhance living conditions, optimise resource use, & improve urban management, contributing to the creation of safer, cleaner, & more efficient cities.

Digital Signage

Advanced solutions for dynamic & interactive visual communication

Our Digital Signage solution includes retail kiosk applications, LED management systems, cloud hosted CMS, multi format screens, and projection systems. We provide businesses with dynamic, interactive, and versatile digital display solutions, enhancing customer engagement, improving communication, and providing immersive experiences.

Wifi Marketing & Analytics (WaaS)

Comprehensive solutions for capturing & utilising Wifi data

Our Wifi Marketing & Analytics (WaaS) solution integrates a Wifi analytics platform and guest wifi access application. We help businesses leverage Wifi data to understand visitor behaviour, engage customers, and drive marketing strategies. Through our solution, businesses can transform their Wifi network into a powerful marketing tool, improving customer engagement and boosting sales.

Digital Payments

Secure, convenient, & versatile digital payment solutions

Our Digital Payments solution encompasses payment gateway, managed POS, Mobile POS, and managed kiosk. We offer a suite of secure, convenient, and versatile digital payment solutions, enabling businesses to offer multiple payment options, streamline transactions, improve customer experience, and enhance operational efficiency.

Managed Digital KYC

Advanced solutions for digital identity verification & management

Our Managed Digital KYC solution includes a digital KYC application or SDK, ICA gateway connectivity, and an ICA certified tablet. We provide secure, efficient, and compliant identity verification and management solutions, enabling businesses to streamline customer onboarding, enhance security, ensure compliance, and mitigate fraud risks.

Step into the Future of Intelligent Buildings

Elevate your spaces with e& enterprise's Smart Building Solution. Harness advanced technology to optimise energy, security, & comfort. Turn your buildings into interconnected ecosystems, driving efficiency & sustainability to new heights.

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