Safe City

Enhancing urban safety & security with smart, integrated solutions

As we embrace the age of digital transformation, our suite of Safe City Solutions brings together the power of advanced technologies to foster secure, comfortable, & efficient living spaces.

From real-time video surveillance to smart homes equipped with fire safety & energy management systems, we are redefining the standard of urban security & convenience. 


Solutions Overview

Explore our innovative solutions designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, & intelligence of your urban landscapes.


Video Surveillance as a Service

A cutting-edge security solution for real-time monitoring

Our Video Surveillance as a Service offers cloud-based, real-time video monitoring for enhanced security. This service empowers cities to monitor public spaces, detect anomalies, & respond swiftly to incidents, contributing to safer urban environments.


Visitor Analytics

An intelligent solution for understanding visitor behaviour

Our Visitor Analytics solution provides deep insights into visitor behaviour, leveraging AI & machine learning algorithms to analyse footfall, dwell time, visitor paths, & more. This solution aids in strategic decision-making, enhances visitor experience, & improves overall public space management.


Smart Access & Attendance

A comprehensive solution for access control & attendance tracking

Our Smart Access & Attendance solution provides automated, secure access control & accurate attendance tracking. Utilising biometric or RFID technologies, it not only enhances security but also ensures accountability & operational efficiency in various settings, from offices to educational institutions.


Smart & Safe Home

An integrated solution for enhancing home safety & automation

Our Smart & Safe Home solution combines multiple aspects of home safety & automation, including fire safety, security, video surveillance, & energy management. This all-encompassing solution not only increases home security & safety but also optimises energy use & facilitates a comfortable, automated living environment.

Let's work together

If you are looking for solutions to create a safer, smarter city, get in touch with our team of experts & let's redefine urban safety & security together!