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Build an Intelligent and Dynamic Customer Engagement Journey

Real-time isn’t just for operations, it’s now a must for all customer communication.

Your customers expect seamless & prompt interaction with your brand each time & every time. Leaving a lasting & pleasant customer impression is one of the primary goals of businesses.

From marketing to customer service to operations, consolidate every interaction in one secure, unified digital platform. Get the versatility of communicating through multiple channels such as voice, video, & messages with engageX CPaaS.

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Introducing engageX from e& enterprise

A secure, unified digital platform, designed to transform your customer interactions. It seamlessly integrates all your communication channels, such as Voice, Video and Messages, into one ecosystem: from marketing to operations to customer service. The result is a ground-breaking solution that reduces operational costs and increases customer service efficiency.


engageX Convers-AI

A feature rich Conversational AI platform locally hosted in e& enterprise Cloud infrastructure to ensure data localisation and enhanced security. The state of the art AI and NLU engine supports multiple languages including Arabic and is aimed at achieving the dual objectives of business process automation and customer experience improvement.

Changing the future of communication


Omni channel advantage

Achieve next level customer engagement across the widest selection of local and global channels, including: SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, voice, video, email and the most popular chat apps.


Marketing campaign management

Create marketing campaigns to promote your services across multiple channels including SMS and Email and evaluate campaigns’ performance through feature-rich dashboards and analytics.


Reduced operational cost

Reduce call centre costs and improve agent utilisation by deploying AI-enabled chatbots across multiple channels to manage customer queries.


Increase lead generation

Transform social media interactions into solid leads through social listening and intent analysis and engage with customers proactively.

Our Offering

Discover our Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) ecosystem.

engageX elevates customers' user experiences by identifying the channel they use and then assesses, consults, co-creates and implements a seamless omni-channel end-user journey that is specific to each customer type.

Explore programmable communication APIs to integrate omni channel engagement with your own platforms.

Use engageX platforms to build innovative conversational customer engagement ecosystem for your brand.

Solving numerous marketing use cases for elevated user experience and increased business efficiency.

Future ready customer engagement solutions tailor made for every industry.


Building better customer experiences

Harnessing the power of customer engagement
Using the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform, e& enterprise is helping organisations to transform how they interact with customers to create extraordinary experiences that delight customers, improve loyalty and drive revenue growth.

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Cloud Communications

Adopt a cloud communication strategy that delivers a great user-experience & higher engagement through advanced functionalities.

Customer Engagement

Co-create with our experts a relevant, personalised customer communication strategy to engage your customers at the right time on their preferred channels.

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