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Craft a customer journey that is engaging, effective, impactful, & relevant

When building businesses, there’s just one rule – ‘Happier the customer. Better the business.’ So, when it comes to customer interaction with a brand, leaving a lasting impact with communication that is customised & personalised to each specific customer gives the business a chance to achieve its goals faster & more efficiently.

With engageX CPaaS you can craft versatile communications through multi-channels such as voice, videos & messaging. It is your one chance to consolidate marketing, customer service, & operations under one secure, unified platform.


Business Benefits & Beyond

Easy to Use

CPaaS solutions that easily integrates with your native applications to address multiple use cases across industries.

Modular Approach

Combine multiple features & products to create workflows best suited to your requirement.

Co-Created Workflows

Customised messaging workflows built with our experts to meet your business communication goals.

Building better customer experiences

Harnessing the power of customer engagement

Using the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform, e& enterprise is helping organisations to transform how they interact with customers to create extraordinary experiences that delight customers, build loyalty and drive revenue growth.

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Cloud Communications

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Customer Engagement

Co-create with our experts a relevant, personalised customer communication strategy to engage your customers at the right time on their preferred channels.

Let's work together

Embrace change as our digital transformation industry experts & innovation across Cloud & Edge help you build a better tomorrow.