e& enterprise spotlights efforts in fuelling KSA’s digitalisation ambitions

e& enterprise spotlights efforts in fuelling KSA’s digitalisation ambitions

Riyadh: e& enterprise reinforced its commitment to driving and accelerating Saudi Arabia’s digital future during an exclusive gala dinner held in partnership with the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) and International Data Corporation (IDC). With over 150 executives across industries in both public and private sectors in attendance, the event provided a platform for e& enterprise to showcase its unique offerings and expertise in supporting the Saudi Vision 2030.

During the event, senior leaders from e& enterprise, KAFD, and IDC, delved into the current state of the Kingdom's digital landscape, exploring e& enterprise's investments in the region and its contribution to advancing the objectives of Vision 2030. Additionally, they examined the impact of e& enterprise’s partnership with KAFD and how its technology solutions are empowering organisations to drive innovation intelligently within the country.

The wide-scale adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and the Internet of Things is fuelling digitalisation ambitions in the Kingdom. As a trusted technology partner committed to crafting turnkey solutions, e& enterprise is focused on empowering organisations with compelling innovations to help them maximise the value and overcome challenges associated with digital investments.

Salvador Anglada, CEO, e& enterprise, said: “Saudi Arabia is an important market for e& enterprise. With its ambitious Vision 2030 and companies eager to embrace digital advancements, we recognise the immense potential in supporting the nation's progress towards this ambitious agenda. By bringing advanced technology solutions, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, intelligent automation and Cloud e& enterprise is well-positioned to enable the Kingdom’s vision as a thriving digital economy."

In a night of innovation, Gautam Sashittal, CEO of KAFD DMC stated: "Saudi Arabia's digital landscape is undergoing a monumental transformation, akin to a renaissance, that will not only redefine its economic landscape but also fundamentally reshape the lives of its people. At the forefront of this journey lies the visionary force of companies like e& enterprise, spearheading the Kingdom's revolutionary tech space and driving its digital transformation. We are incredibly eager to witness how this unfolds, particularly in the context of smart cities and with technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing holding immense potential to reshape the urban landscape and improve some quality-of-life indicators by as much as 30%. The digital evolution of cities has been underway for several years and today at KAFD we are seeing only a preview of how technology can transform urban living and sustainable development.” 

Accelerating Saudi Arabia’s digital ambitions

Saudi Arabia is positioned for remarkable growth, with IDC forecasting the Saudi IT services market to surge to a value of $6.4 billion by 2027. In response to this burgeoning landscape, e& enterprise is dedicated to propelling the country’s ascent as a global digital powerhouse.

Tareq Alangari, CEO, e& enterprise KSA, said: "Our mission is to unleash the full potential of digital transformation to benefit both public and private sector organisations across the Kingdom. By developing and deploying emerging solutions such as AI, IoT, cloud, and cybersecurity innovations, we advance national priorities like efficiency, sustainability, and economic growth. We're committed to maximising our contribution to Saudi Vision 2030 through strategic investments and empowering the local digital workforce."

Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to making Saudi Vision 2030 a reality and fostering job creation, e& enterprise is spearheading the development of a state-of-the-art smart contact centre, slated to employ over 350 Saudi nationals. Strategically located on King Abdullah Road and scheduled to open in Q2 2024, the facility will span a total area of 2400 sqm and around 410 seats and boast cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional customer support services, further solidifying the company's regional presence.

The company’s customer experience practice, engageX, also secured crucial licenses from the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), including an SMS license and a Contact Centre License, opening avenues for substantial opportunities in the Kingdom.

Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s sustainability goals and the Saudi Green Initiative, e& enterprise forged a strategic alliance with the Saudi Stock Exchange. The partnership will see e& enterprise spearhead sustainability efforts within the Saudi capital market. This collaboration entails exclusive benefits for the Saudi Stock Exchange and its listed companies, including discounted access to the Sustainability Consultancy Programme launched during COP28. Additionally, the two entities are planning a collaborative Sustainability Platform to bolster ESG governance practices for listed companies.

e& enterprise is also set to transform the nation's landscape through its comprehensive smart city solutions. These solutions utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a network of individual applications that seamlessly work together, enhancing various aspects of city operations and services. This holistic approach, designed to address the specific needs of each element, paves the way for a truly smart and sustainable future, encompassing smart buildings, efficient energy management, and more.