A 5 years partnership with Etihad Water & Electrcitiy

A 5 years partnership with Etihad Water & Electrcitiy

Advanced Metering Infrastructure enables digital transformation by connecting smart meters and providing a foundation for demand side management.

• Consumers get detailed automatic readings of current and historical energy usage

Abu Dhabi: e& enterprise, part of e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) today announced it has entered in a five-year partnership with Etihad Water and Electricity (Etihad WE) as part of its long-term vision to drive digital transformation through the smarter use of latest technologies that will enhance customer experience and achieve operational excellence across its processes.

Owned by the Emirates Investment Authority, Etihad WE, which provides electricity and desalinated water to the Northern Emirates, has already installed 500,000 smart meters, with the goal of installing 750,000 smart meters in total. Through the partnership, e& enterprise will enable Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) by replacing old legacy meters and connecting new and advanced smart meters to the recently deployed digital platform to gain real-time information and proactive alerts on the consumption level.

Mohammad Mohammad Saleh, Director General of Etihad WE, said that the project will replace traditional mechanical meters with smart ones, and is an ambitious and unique project that qualified the company to obtain international awards. “We have always sought to adopt the latest technologies and international best practices related to the field of services we provide, stressing his pride in the planned partnership with e& enterprise, which would provide the necessary infrastructure required for the success of the project.”

Saleh said that more than 240,000 electricity meters and about 260,000 smart water meters have been installed so far, representing about 65 percent of the total number targeted for installation. This project is in line with the UAE leadership’s endeavors to reduce carbon emissions and achieve sustainability in the energy sector, as well as with the government’s efforts in the comprehensive transformation towards smart solutions. This will provide efficient and quality services in various service sectors, pointing out that the new meters will ensure the accuracy of consumption bills and will allow the consumer to monitor his consumption pattern.

Salvador Anglada, CEO e& enterprise, said: “We have always been vested in enabling organisations across sectors to maximise their digital potential through our innovative digital vertical propositions. We are delighted to work in partnership with Etihad WE and become a part of their digital transformation journey by enabling them to provide an intelligent and automated experience for their consumers. With our long term partnership, we will continue to work closely in bringing innovation in the delivery of smart services and solutions that meets their business needs, deliver cost savings and ensure return on investment. The outcome of our working closely in putting the necessary infrastructure in place will no doubt enhance the daily lives of people and society at large.”

Customers can access detailed automatic readings of both their current and historical energy usage, allowing them to better evaluate and management of their consumption and set up alerts to provide notification of usage thresholds to keep track on monthly bills. The AMI can report leaks or service issues more efficiently to the provider and the customer.

The long-term project will involve replacement of existing meters to new smart meters connecting 750 K meters to the digital platform, building M2M (3G/4G) network to enable connectivity, onboarding the smart meters on AMI both for building and villas across Northern Emirates and end-to-end program management i.e. mainly meter replacement to AMI deployment. Etisalat Group has changed its brand identity to e&, effective on February 2022. Its strategy aims to accelerate growth through the creation of a resilient business model represented by Group’s main business pillars.

The telecoms business currently continues to be led by etisalat by e& in the Group’s home market and e& international markets, upholding the Group’s rich telecoms heritage, bolstering the strong telecoms network and maximising value for the Group’s various customer segments.

Ramping up the digital services for individuals to elevate their digital-driven lifestyle, e& life brings next-generation technologies through smart platforms in entertainment, retail and financial technology. e& enterprise focuses on maximising value through its end-to-end solutions in cybersecurity, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as deploying mega projects, in order to enable the digital transformation of governments, large-scale enterprises and corporates. e& capital allows the Group to focus its efforts on driving new investments while maximising shareholder value and strengthening the Group’s global presence.