A blueprint for success: How e& enterprise is powering a smart, sustainable future


A blueprint for success: How e& enterprise is powering a smart, sustainable future

In 2023, significant transformation in enterprise technology had a profound impact on global and regional organisations. Forward-thinking businesses increasingly embraced emerging technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain, and 5G to future-proof their operations in a rapidly evolving landscape.

It was in this dynamic environment that e& enterprise took bold, strategic steps to not only ride the cresting wave of change but also to shape the future of various industries. By significantly ramping up investments in cutting-edge solutions, the company cemented new partnerships with visionary entities, introduced novel digital solutions, and expanded to new domains.

"The past year was a truly breakthrough year for e& enterprise as we remained steadfast with our mission to empower organisations across industries to unlock their digital potential and propel them toward a smarter, more secure, and sustainable future," says Salvador Anglada, CEO, e& enterprise.

He adds: "As pioneers, we strongly believe that our role is to bridge the gap between innovative technology and practical real-world applications, enabling customers to thrive in the digital era while supporting business leaders to achieve their transformational goals."

e& enterprise offers comprehensive consultancy services specialising in tailoring holistic end-to-end digital transformation solutions, from design to implementation and operation. These innovations encompass a wide range of capabilities, including cloud, data and artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, it has a dedicated fintech division that provides platform solutions tailored for major banks and SMBs.

The company's primary focus is on delivering revolutionary and customised digital value propositions to its clients. These solutions empower sustainable growth, drive operational efficiencies, create unparalleled customer experiences, and facilitate data-driven decision-making across various industries and sectors.


Fostering synergies and pioneering innovations

Whether acquiring companies to expand its expertise and capabilities, forging partnerships with leading players across various verticals, or spearheading new initiatives, e& enterprise is constantly propelling technological progress in the region. These endeavours not only underscore the company's commitment to digitalisation but also to driving positive change.

Among the notable partnerships e& entered in 2023 was with Bespin Global, a leading provider of cloud-managed services. This strategic alliance was formed to deliver comprehensive public cloud-managed and professional services, addressing the specific needs of customers spanning the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and Pakistan (METAP) region.

"Cloud technology serves as the cornerstone of modern business transformation, empowering organisations to scale, collaborate and innovate in ways never before possible. By joining forces with Bespin Global, e& enterprise gained access to a wealth of ideas, expertise, and resources, accelerating our customers' transformation journeys," explains Anglada.

Additionally, 2023 also saw e& enterprise's successful acquisition of a majority stake (63.3 per cent) in peer-to-peer digital lending platform Beehive for Dh86.6 million, contributing to the region's rapidly growing fintech story.


Shaping the digital future of the UAE

The UAE's digital future blazes with ambition. This vision is driven by the National Digital Government Strategy, which sets a bold target of achieving 100 per cent AI-powered services by 2031. Concurrently, the UAE Digital Economy Strategy charts a course to double its GDP contribution within the next decade.

As one of the major players in the nation's digital landscape, e& enterprise is a key contributor to the UAE's ambitious agenda, aligning with its visionary goals.

In line with this, Anglada emphasises its dedication to driving positive change through unique initiatives and strategic collaborations with key regional stakeholders. Notably, e& enterprise partnered with the Ministry of Justice to streamline legal services, enhance transparency, and bolster efficiency. Simultaneously, its collaboration with TAP Payments marked a pivotal moment in revolutionising digital payments.

"We also revamped our Open Innovation Centre, demonstrating our passion, drive, and spirit to foster collaboration within the technology community. It serves as a testament to our relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation," says Anglada.

The relentless wave of digital transformation is fuelling the increasing momentum of the fintech industry in the region. With faster internet speeds, ubiquitous mobile access, and the advanced capabilities of data analytics, agile fintech players are emerging as formidable challengers to established traditional financial institutions.

Armed with an expansive wealth of expertise and fortified by the 48-year legacy of its parent company, e& enterprise is primed to harness and accelerate the fintech industry, both within the country and on a global scale. Notably, the firm's fintech division, UAE Trade Connect, led the way by introducing a blockchain platform to digitise trade finance in the country. Last year, the UTC Consortium expanded to include 15 lenders, including Invest Bank, United Arab Bank, Al Masraf Bank, and DP World Financial Services. The UTC Consortium had an outstanding performance, processing over 560,000 invoices, resulting in a remarkable 70 per cent increase in activity compared to the previous year. Additionally, they detected potential fraud totalling AED 211 million, representing a fivefold growth from 2022 levels.


Driving sustainability through technology

In addition to its dedication to advancing technological progress, e& enterprise also showcased its strong commitment to championing the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) agenda.

e& enterprise's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility is visible in its 'Sustainability-as-a-Service' offering. This pioneering service is tailored to assist companies in achieving their sustainability objectives, aligning perfectly with the company's broader mission of fostering a positive impact through technology.

In line with this initiative, the company has also taken a significant step towards integrating sustainability data, solutions, and finances by partnering with the World Wide Generation (WWG) to launch a global sustainability exchange platform. Powered by WWG's G17Eco platform, e& enterprise's 'Sustainability as a Service' will revolutionise how organisations access, interpret, and act on sustainability data. During COP28, the company announced its Sustainability Consultancy Programme, offering a free consultancy and GHG assessment to the first eight qualifying organisations.

"Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. At e& enterprise, we recognise that sustainability is not just a box to check - it is a long-term commitment to the well-being of people and the planet. By prioritising sustainable solutions through technology, we aim to safeguard our shared home and shared future," says Anglada.

To further support companies in their sustainability journey, e& enterprise has deepened its commitment to putting technology at the service of sustainability. Collaborating with partners like Microsoft, the company delves into understanding business requirements and designs solutions to help organisations meet their sustainability goals. A notable example of this commitment is the collaboration with Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) to transform Jumeirah Lake Towers into a Smart District as part of DMCC's Smart & Sustainable Strategy.

Anglada adds: "We aspire to see a future where all organisations view sustainability not as an optional effort but a fundamental responsibility, just as crucial to their operations as profitability. If we can shift mindsets in this way and leverage the power of today’s digital innovations, we are confident we will overcome our greatest environmental challenges and secure a healthier world for future generations."


Powering Industry 4.0

In line with its contribution to Industry 4.0, e& enterprise now offers comprehensive end-to-end managed services, encompassing consultancy, implementation, and support for businesses involved in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, and more. This demonstrates e& enterprise's adherence to the Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI) framework set by the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology, reflecting its commitment to digital assessment and consultancy.

The company’s vision for sustainability extends across all facets of its business, including its Industry 4.0 solutions. The company harnesses technology to optimise resource utilisation, minimise waste, and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes.

"Through our Industry 4.0 offerings, we support manufacturers in adopting renewable energy sources and developing more sustainable production methods. Collaborations with sustainable technology solution providers, such as Informatica, enable organisations to modernise and govern their data more sustainably," explains Anglada.

In addition to its technological contributions, e& enterprise upholds responsible corporate practices. The company adheres to policies and practices that promote sustainable environment throughout its workplace. This internal commitment reflects e& enterprise's dedication to sustainability beyond its core services.


Building cities of tomorrow

As urban populations continue to grow exponentially, cities face mounting challenges in managing infrastructure and resources efficiently. This is where smart city technology proves its worth, allowing nations to address these complex issues through integrated IoT solutions, data analytics, and automation.

Backed by its robust telecom infrastructure and diverse tech portfolio, e& enterprise plays a pivotal role in making smart cities a reality. The company’s offerings are instrumental in enabling seamless data flow, implementing AI-powered solutions for traffic management, optimising waste management, and even ensuring public safety.

"Our work in smart cities focuses on creating more efficient, sustainable, and safer urban environments. We do this by integrating IoT and AI solutions into city infrastructures," says Anglada.

One of the primary challenges cities face worldwide is reducing waste and conserving vital resources. e&'s IoT sensors were designed to address this challenge by monitoring energy consumption and water usage. By collecting real-time data, the sensors enable cities to make informed decisions about resource allocation and utilisation. As a result, waste is minimised, and precious resources are conserved, contributing to a more sustainable urban environment.

Furthermore, e& has seamlessly integrated its IoT solutions into various aspects of urban development, particularly in energy management. By providing better control and monitoring of energy consumption in public spaces, the company enables cities to become more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. These efforts are crucial in mitigating the impact of climate change and reducing the carbon footprint of urban areas.

Public safety is another critical concern for urban areas, and e& enterprise has stepped up to the challenge. Through its IoT and AI solutions, e& provides real-time data on various aspects of urban life, including traffic conditions and air quality. Data is a game-changer for city authorities, as it equips them with the information needed to make informed decisions and respond swiftly to emergencies.

For instance, e&'s solutions have proven instrumental in improving situational awareness for law enforcement agencies. Advanced surveillance and monitoring systems have led to faster emergency response times, consequently enhancing overall resident safety. The ability to track and analyse real-time data on crime rates and incidents allows cities to allocate resources more effectively and reduce crime in high-risk areas.

The tech company's commitment to smart city initiatives goes beyond energy and safety. It also offers solutions for smart lighting and waste management. These solutions go beyond improving residents' quality of life to also contributing to more sustainable and efficient urban living.

Furthermore, e&'s IoT and AI solutions have profoundly impacted urban development and safety in smart cities in the region. "We can only build the cities of tomorrow through vision, innovation, and collaboration today. As leaders, we at e& strive to create positive change by developing solutions that address urban challenges with strategic insights. We are proud to be part of initiatives that make cities more liveable, sustainable, and secure," says Anglada.


Championing cybersecurity and CX excellence

Amid increased digitalisation, cybersecurity and customer experience have never been more important for businesses. As more interactions and transactions move online, companies are exposed to growing security risks from threat actors. Just one vulnerability can undermine customer trust and damage a brand's reputation. At the same time, customers have higher expectations than ever before when it comes to personalised, seamless digital services. Their needs and behaviours are also rapidly evolving as new technologies emerge. Those organisations that can deliver secure yet simplified and engaging digital experiences will gain a solid competitive advantage.

e& enterprise, through its cybersecurity arm Help AG, continues to raise the bar when it comes to cybersecurity innovation. Last year, Help AG launched the region’s largest Cyber Defence Centre (SOC). This achievement represents a significant leap forward in their mission to bolster cybersecurity operations. What sets this accomplishment apart is Help AG's attainment of the SOC Capability Maturity Model (CMM) certification at the risk-driven Level 3. This accolade is shared by only two other SOCs globally, underscoring Help AG's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Help AG's Managed Cyber Defense Team has also distinguished itself by integrating intelligence and risk analysis into both daily and strategic operations. In an era where cyber threats continually evolve, Help AG’s agility in adapting to emerging challenges and tireless pursuit of continuous improvement have placed it at the forefront of the global cybersecurity industry.

In addition to their SOC achievements, Help AG made waves in 2023 with the introduction of the UNIFY SaaS platform (version 3.0), a state-of-the-art cybersecurity proposition that incorporates a diverse range of security technologies.

Equally important to cybersecurity, seamless customer experiences are also crucial in the digital era. At a time when technology has become deeply ingrained in our daily lives, customer expectations have evolved significantly. Customers no longer merely seek products or services; they demand personalised, effortless, and consistent interactions across various touchpoints. Achieving this level of seamless customer experience is where e& enterprise's EngageX Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) changed the game in the regional landscape.

"We understand that in today's hyper-connected world, communication is the key to customer engagement. Whether it's through voice calls, messaging apps, or AI-driven chatbots, the way a business communicates with its customers directly impacts its brand reputation and customer loyalty," explains Anglada.

Currently, the company's bespoke engageX CPaaS platform serves over 3,000 enterprises in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In 2023, the platform was recognised as a leader in the IDC CPaaS MarketScape. This achievement speaks volumes about the solution’s exceptional features and capabilities.

The past year also saw e& enterprise's engageX achieve a significant milestone by obtaining an SMS license from the Saudi Arabia Communications Authority CITC to operate in Saudi Arabia. This positions them for expanded operations in the Kingdom, providing their full omni-channel communication capabilities to enterprises in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, e& enterprise received the CITC License for Contact Centres, opening exciting prospects in the Kingdom.

"Our holistic approach ensures that we provide comprehensive solutions that are crafted to add real value to our clients' businesses. With a strong regional presence, we're not just technologically advanced, but also culturally and contextually relevant. Whether it's fortifying cybersecurity or elevating customer experiences, our commitment goes beyond meeting expectations; we strive to exceed them," says Anglada.

Over the past year, e& enterprise garnered significant industry recognition, with IDC MarketScape acknowledging their engagement solution, engageX, as a 'Major Player' in the global CPaaS landscape. Help AG was also recognised as a 'Leader' in Managed Security Services within the GCC region. It also attained Fortinet's EPSP (Engage Preferred Services Partner) designation, deepening customer relationships and ensuring expert deployment, operation, and maintenance of security solutions. This recognition affirms Help AG's commitment to service, sales, and delivery excellence through Fortinet's support, accreditation, and specialised training. Help AG also received acclaim as the 'Best Managed Security Services Provider' at the Future Security Awards 2023, highlighting their expertise and unmatched economy of scale in next-gen cyber defence.

Additionally, Bespin Global maintained its premium status, earning the title of 'Visionary' in Public Cloud IT Transformation Services, according to Gartner.

Meanwhile, e& enterprise's fintech blockchain AI platform achieved distinction as the 'Best Risk Management Solution Provider' at the 2023 MEA Finance Magazine Banking Technology Summit, underscoring the platform’s commitment to advancing risk mitigation in the trade finance industry.


2024 and beyond

Following an eventful and successful year, e& enterprise aims to further fortify its commitment to digital excellence. According to the company chief, their journey forward will be characterised by several key elements that shape their vision.

"First and foremost, we're looking at expansion and a broader global reach," says Anglada. "While we've established a strong presence in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, our ambition is to take our digital expertise to a global audience. This expansion will enable us to work with diverse industries, addressing unique challenges on a larger scale."

Undoubtedly, remaining at the forefront of technology is essential to the company’s future endeavours. e& enterprise continues to invest in technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and cybersecurity. Sustainability holds a central place in the company’s vision of creating and deploying digital solutions that have a positive environmental impact.

The organisation believes that AI, particularly ChatGPT, is leading a revolution in customer support and interactions, and they plan to build on their innovations in this field, introducing advanced solutions like Converse-AI. These ground-breaking tools are designed to enhance customer experiences and simultaneously enhance operational efficiency.

"As AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, ethical considerations become increasingly important. We'll continue to advocate for the responsible use of AI, addressing issues like bias and privacy to ensure that AI benefits society," says Anglada.

Another element that e& enterprise will continue to focus on is Industry 4.0. By partnering with organisations such as Maxbyte, a player in the field of integrated digital and robotics solutions, e& seeks to further demonstrate its commitment to reshaping manufacturing and digitalisation.

Beyond developing cutting-edge tools and solutions, the company also places significant importance on education and training as integral components of its future strategy. In alignment with their vision, e& enterprise recognises the necessity of a skilled workforce. As a result, they created a roadmap that will ensure investments in education and training programmes aimed at nurturing talent in fields such as AI, IoT, and other digital technologies.

Finally, e& enterprise believes that collaboration is key to success. "We're actively seeking partnerships with research institutions and universities to expand the boundaries of what's possible in the digital landscape," says Anglada.

"The future is bright with possibilities as technology continues to evolve. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation through expansion, sustainability efforts, AI solutions, leadership in Industry 4.0, developing ethical AI, and fostering research collaborations. The journey will no doubt bring new challenges, but working together with our partners, I know we can rise to the occasion to create meaningful change," he says.