Bridging the gaps in continuity of care

An essential tool to improve access to quality care

We leverage on our cloud capabilities along with secure video/ voice-over-IP, smart messaging, digital payments combined with innovative telehealth software to enable a spectrum of use-cases that address the continuum of care

Outreach to provide care anywhere


Remote Patient Monitoring

Maintain an active engagement with your patients even outside the institutional care setting using wearables & home devices for patients enrolled into a chronic disease management program or those quarantined due to a communicable disease. Enable your care providers to keep a close eye so that they can intervene early in case a patient’s condition deteriorates.


Virtual Out-Patient Consultations

Enable your care providers access to remotely consult their patients, write prescriptions, & advise them on their medical needs. Primary & urgent care, tele-psychiatry, tele-dermatology, are some of the many areas that can be served through our telehealth solutions. Additional features include patient registration, appointment booking, digital consent, video-consultation, payment collection as well as clinical record keeping.


In-Patient Care

Optimise the time of your medical staff by enabling tools that allow some of the work to be done remotely within the hospital setting.

Virtual family visits

Patients in medical isolation wards/rooms can speak to their families outside hospital & involve them in discussing the care plan.


Doctors can remotely consult patients admitted to in-patient rooms or floors & guide their care team.


Remotely monitor patients in the ICU.


Remote Speciality Care Access

Extend your clinical services & pool of specialist care providers to clinics & care settings with limited resources, within or beyond your networks to better serve your patient population, aid in decision making & reduce crucial time to intervention thereby improving overall odds of recovery.

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