Smart Mobility

A comprehensive integrated fleet management solution

The region’s first end-to-end IoT fleet management solution

In addition to track & trace, it offers operational visibility, & ensures driver safety through advanced capabilities. It is an end-to-end solution from the supply & installation of hardware, to IoT connectivity, application, & 24x7 support providing the much needed ease of doing business for Government, Enterprises, & Small & Medium businesses.

Our Smart Mobility Solution


Fleet Tracking

Track n Trace

Track your fleet on the road or after they return. Use our GPS-based fleet tracking software to find vehicle locations, or review full trip replays, including detailed points along your drivers’ routes. Use geofences to know about the entry & exit times of designated areas.

Driver Management

Using vehicle driver association, set driver KPIs, monitor them & manage their driving behaviour. Provide periodic feedback with driving score card reports & make them better & safe drivers.

Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Fuel)

Leverage the power of the IoT platform by easily on-boarding different type of sensors to match your business requirement. Use fuel sensors in heavy vehicles to account for any fuel pilferage. Monitor conditions of your in-transit cargo using temperature/humidity sensors.


Video Telematics

Video Camera Capabilities

Enhance fleet tracking by adding internal & external video cameras in the vehicle & monitor the vehicles real time over 4G/5G. Validate driver violations, accidents by looking at recent historical video feeds locally stored.


Driver Safety


One of the latest additions in our Mobility portfolio is advanced driver-assistance systems or ADAS that offers advanced capabilities to avoid collisions in vehicles. A feature that is default in luxury vehicles can now be retrofitted in normal commercial vehicles too.

Machine Learning

Using Artificial Intelligence equipped cameras, capture & report driver fatigue, driver violations such as mobile usage for texting/calling, & left behind objects by passengers.



IoT Mobility Platform [C-V2X, AV]

Intuitive Software

Feel the ease of using an intuitive & clutter-free software that can be easily customised to match requirements of your organisation's stakeholders. From dynamic dashboards to CEO to detailed reports for your CFO, the platform has it all covered.

Hardware and accessories

The IoT Mobility Platform is equipped to easily scale & handle large amounts of data from various in-vehicle hardware, sensors. Innovate in emerging trends of Mobility in Autonomous Vehicles, Vehicle to Everything [V2X] applications for smarter vehicles of the future.


Make integrations to your existing business applications seamless by getting data through the Platform’s APIs.

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