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Smart & Safe Home

Building new homes and communities for greater peace of mind, comfort and sustainability

Empower your customers and communities with smart home solution

Create seamless and secure experiences

Empower your home, building, community, and city management with our smart solutions. Our expert team designs tailored, cutting-edge solutions that integrate the latest in smart home automation, emergency services, security, and video surveillance, powered by AI and IoT tehcnology for seamless, secure experiences. Ideal for developers, housing authorities, and service providers.


Fire Safety

Protect your customer with our state-of-the-art fire safety solutions that include both wired and wireless options, 24/7 monitoring, and integration with Civil Defense.


Shield your customer with out advanced security solutions that utilise the latest sensors, algorithms, protocols, and platforms for ultimate protection.

Video Surveillance

Secure your customer with our cutting-edge video surveillance solutions that use automated AI alerts and security algorithms, integrated with local law enforcement for swift incident response.

Home Automation

Allow your customer to experience ultimate convenience and control with our complete home and facility management solutions that allow you to manage and monitor your property from anywhere, with an integrated mobile app and dashboards.

Energy Management

Unlock the power of sustainability and savings with our integrated energy management solutions that include solar panels, batteries, and advanced algorithms to optimise energy consumption, reducee carbon footprint, and lower energy bills.

Service Design

Elevate your customer experience and streamline your operations with our end-to-end managed service design that includes custom CX and app design that includes custom CX and app design, automated workflows, web portals, customer support, and field maintenance to meet your unique business needs.

Let's work together

Embrace change as our digital transformation industry experts & innovation across Cloud & Edge help you build a better tomorrow.