IoT & AI

Become a data-driven organisation

The power of automation

We bring the combination of Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence technologies to transform your company into a data-driven organisation.

Transform your business with intelligence

Visibility on Performance

By deploying sensors & collecting the information in an Enterprise Cloud IoT & AI platform, your organisation will have complete visibility, in real-time, of the performance of all your processes.

Informed Decision Making

Our data scientist & AI experts will transform your data into intelligent information so your organisation can make decisions based on actual & real-time data.

Process Automation

Our IoT experts will assist you in achieving the automation of your organisation's processes by applying IoT technologies & leading to a more efficient, productive & competitive organisation in the new digital era.

Industry Expertise

We have teams of experts ready to support you in Smart & Sustainable Cities, Smart Mobility, Retail, Digital Payments, Safe City, Industry 4.0, Oil&Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, eGovernment & Defence.

Smart Connections Active On Our Platforms

400K+ Connected Vehicles
30K+ Connected Homes
22K+ Smart City Data Points
8K+ Connected Cameras

Let's work together

Embrace change as our digital transformation industry experts & innovation across Cloud & Edge help you build a better tomorrow.