Connected Workers & Assets

Be safe & efficient with our IoT connected worker solution

e& enterprise's connected worker provides cellular based IoT technologies to connect your workforce, equipment, tools & machinery at all times, across labor intensive sectors. The enhanced real time visibility & advanced AI analytics allows you to enforce health & safety regulations such as COVID-19 social distancing requirements on sites.

IoT Connected Worker Offers

Time & Attendance

The system provides automatic logging of in/out time to the site without a need for any access gate/timekeepers. The analytics engine converts the location visibility into total active time in zones/sites, lost time due to moving materials, early departures or late arrivals, & time sheets for payroll processing.

Safety Enhancement

The solution improves job sites safety by augmenting individual safety profiles with tracking data to notify supervisors of tasks not compatible with an individual’s safety profile. The devices are provided with built-in SOS Buttons that can, when pressed, trigger alerts to HSE managers. Rules can also be set to trigger alerts for unauthorised entries or extended working hours.

Productivity Analytics

The portal/ mobile application enables project managers & planning engineers to take decisions based on insights such as budget VS actual or productivity per task/team/trade/project. The system’s AI enabled algorithm can also calculate forecasts based on facts & trends.

Cost Reduction

The system provides visibility of labor/equipment/material cost per unit of production, per activity/task, per supervisor or per zone. It provides insights on budget VS actual costs & traceability of consumable materials (e.g. welding rods, discs etc.) issued per worker.

Contact Tracing

Using proximity tracing you can now know which employees were in proximity with others, when, & for how long to implement social distancing & contact tracing.

Indispensable solution for labour-intensive sectors

Keeping track of all workers on a large site manually is often inaccurate, outdated & slow. Connected Worker extracts the data automatically in real time improves the accuracy & transform decision making at job sites.

Keeping track of equipment, tools when everything is in constant motion is a challenge. Connected Worker digitises the visibility of People/Assets for improved job site transparency.

Connected workers transform decision making by effortlessly tracking time spent onsite v/s travel, measuring productivity on site including proactive v/s reactive maintenance work.

Resource intensive industries are generally hard to analyse or manage by traditional means. Connected resources leverages the latest in IoT technologies to enable free flow of time, safety, cost & productivity data from your complex environments in organised & insightful manner.

Key safety insights of staff from the field in real time from remote onshore/offshore areas to ensure safety compliance & improving job site productivity.

Tracking real time presence of security staff using cellular enabled IoT wearables to connect seamlessly in an un intrusive way improving incident response time & staff productivity.

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