Digital Healthcare

Technologies that put patients at the centre of the healthcare system


Today’s patients are much more informed about their health & demand better quality of care regardless of where they are. This means health services should continue to evolve & strive to be more effective, safe & people centric. We believe that technology plays a key role to enable this transformation.

We put the patient at the center of the healthcare system & architect solutions that add value in meaningful ways, create process efficiencies, enable services to be more accessible & timelier, enhance patient experience, & contribute towards a health system that is better integrated & stays sustainable for the long-term.

Smart Hospitals

Hospitals are operationally complex organisations that face myriad of challenges. We envision our digital solutions are going to help hospitals in three broad areas:

Patient Experience

Enhancing the overall patient experience by addressing the bottlenecks throughout their journey from registration, appointment booking, accessing various services with little wait-times & making payments with ease.

Operational Efficiency

Improving operational efficiency by giving insights into better capacity planning using data analytics, managing, & tracking essential assets & reducing requirements for hardware.

Clinical Decision Support

Providing digital tools to care providers/ medical staff that reduces time & effort with clinical decision making, managing workflows in clinical documentation & medical imaging.

Smart Hospital Solutions That Empower

Real Time Insights & Actionable Data
Enhanced Patient Journey & Smart Routing
Measurable Wait Times & Enhanced Care Time
A.I. Driven Decision Making with Predictive Analytics

Connected Health

Breaking silos is essential in building an efficient, safe, & sustainable health system that can effectively & timely respond to the needs of the people.

We are making efforts to address some of these challenges by bringing solutions like Cloud based electronic health records that comes pre-integrated with national health information exchange platform & a comprehensive telehealth platform to the market.

EMR Cloud Offering

Interoperable & Regulatory Compliance
Complete Cloud-Based Solution
Easy, Affordable Monthly Subscription

Population & Public Health

Improving health outcomes of people at large suffering from lifestyle diseases & preventing catastrophic spread of communicable diseases are areas where we believe digital technologies can come to the rescue. Our solutions enable caregivers to collect patient generated health data & monitor chronic patients at home, help patients to stay engaged with their own care plan & have access to educational content, & effective disease surveillance & outbreak management.

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