Smart Aviation

Revolutionising air travel with innovative, secure, & passenger-centric solutions 

Our diverse portfolio of smart aviation solutions - from the passenger experience to airport security & infrastructure management - is geared to elevate every aspect of airport operations.

Whether it's streamlining passenger journeys through self-service platforms & personalised advertising, fortifying security with advanced surveillance & control systems, or enhancing airport functionality with intelligent building solutions, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in aviation.

Solutions Overview

Embrace the future of air travel with our suite of Smart Aviation Solutions. Uncover the potential of digitisation, automation, & data-driven insights, & see how we can transform your airport into an efficient, secure, & passenger-friendly hub.

Airport Passenger Experience

Our Airport Passenger Experience solutions span the pre-travel, airport, & personalised travel stages. Our mobile application & home service solutions streamline pre-travel processes, while our self-service kiosks, baggage drop, & automatic border control ease the airport experience. Finally, our Wi-Fi management & analytics, interactive wayfinding, personalised advertising, smart duty-free shopping, & lounge access solutions offer a personalised travel experience. By integrating these systems, we enable a smoother, more enjoyable, & customised airport journey for each passenger.

Airport Security

Our Airport Security Solutions range from sophisticated surveillance systems to management operations. Our video surveillance systems, face recognition, video analytics, & perimeter intrusion detection keep a watchful eye on airport activities. Additionally, our security access control systems, automated staff entrances, & automatic number plate recognition bolster access control & monitoring. Lastly, our airport security control room & physical security information management provide comprehensive security management & operation, ensuring the safety and security of all airport personnel & passengers.

Airport Building Solutions

Our Airport Building Solutions cover infrastructure, life & safety, & special airport systems. Our passive & active infrastructure solutions provide robust foundations for airport operations. Our fire alarm systems, building management system, & public address systems enhance safety & communication. Lastly, our special airport systems, including baggage handling, airport operations systems, air traffic control, & advanced visual docking guidance system, optimise airport functions, enhancing efficiency & safety. These solutions work together to create a safe, efficient, & advanced airport environment.

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