Colocation & Hosting Service

Strengthening your infrastructure with our state-of-the-art facility

We are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of your requirements by providing premium data centre solutions. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a secure & scalable environment for businesses to house their mission critical infrastructure.

With redundant power & cooling systems, along with advanced security measures, we ensure uninterrupted operations & protection of valuable data. Our flexible floor space options cater to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to expand or downsize their infrastructure as required.

Solutions Overview


Space & Power

Data Centre hosting in different scales to cater for all sizes of requirements, we can offer per cabinet colocation for small scale deployments, ideal for customers who want to achieve maximum agility & room to scale in the future. Our offering also included dedicated caged areas or private suites for absolute autonomy, privacy, security, & stability. All provided power feeds are active feeds using industrial sockets (IEC309) to ensure redundancy is met during device installation. We also provide ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) to connect single power source equipment & achieve the desired power redundancy. For better energy, cooling, & space efficiency, we can provide Cold Aisle Containments (CAC) solution.


Physical Security

We prioritise security with a range of comprehensive services. We implement robust access control measures, including biometric authentication & video surveillance, to ensure only authorised personnel have entry. Our facilities are equipped with 24x7 on-site security personnel who closely monitor & respond to any potential threats or breaches, providing a safe & protected environment for your valuable data. For higher measures of physical security, we provide (optional) secured cage tailored for customers to have a secure portion of our facility, this can be complemented with dedicated access control & video surveillance.


Hardware & Ancillary

We understand that setting up a data centre is CAPEX intensive. Hence, we work with our customers to supply any hardware on OPEX model with flexible 1 to 5 years contract terms, this includes installation, warranty, & support. We provide top of the line hardware equipment from leading vendors. However, customers can define their preferred brands & we can help them come up with the required BoQ.


Offices & Storage

Dedicated or shared office space & storage areas for customers staff to feel home while attending their IT systems. The office areas provide options of desks in a shared area or private office with for extra privacy. All equipped with LAN connectivity to customers IT systems, WIFI, & a common conference facility. 

Support Services

We help customers install, operate, & manage their own data centre deployments. Our on-site support team is available 24x7 & can be reached to provide remote & smart hand service upon requests from customers

More Services

Through a redundant Internet backbone connectivity, we provide shared Internet service, mainly used for remote management, calculated based data transferred in any specific month. Ports can be assigned in redundant manner & are provided with speed (10/100/1000 (1 Gig Ethernet). IPv4 Public IP address available options are from Subnet 30 to Subnet 24. IPv6 Public IP address available option is /56. e& enterprise cloud offers /56 IPv6 prefix to its hosted customers, an IPv6 /56 Subnet has 4,722,366,482,869,645,500,000 addresses, in simple words it has 256 times address of single /64 of IPv6. For high availability & improved performance, we provide load balancing service which combines advanced IP management functions with a redundant architecture to reduce points of failure & boos performance. Customers can also implement their own security policies on a shared firewall. This service includes blocking unwanted ports, restricting IP addresses, & eliminating ICMP ping attacks. VLANs (for dedicated isolated virtual LAN) and VPN services are also provided. 

As a trusted provider, we offer a comprehensive suite of implementation & migration services to facilitate a seamless transition for your business. Our team of experts is skilled in assessing your specific requirements & designing customised implementation plans. We assist with the setup & configuration of your hardware & network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance & connectivity. Our migration services cover the relocation of your data, applications, & systems, minimising downtime & ensuring data integrity throughout the process. With our dedicated support, you can rely on a smooth implementation & migration experience, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. 

A reduced cost plan for technical support services. During a month, tier-one support staff can perform the following activities upon the customers’ request such as physically power recycling (turning on/off) a firewall, router, server, switch, storage & any other IT equipment or DIP Switch Toggling; Visual inspection a network activity light, led status, firewall status light on bezel, looking for an error displayed on a console screen, identifying info (e.g. serial numbers), checking cables; Receiving a CD, DVD, or Tape & placing it in customer’s server or equipment; & more. 

This includes Racking/un-racking appliances, switches, routers, firewalls, servers, or other equipment delivered directly to our data centre as per installation scope of work signed off with the customer, including receiving equipment as per BOQ (Bill of Quantity), unpacking, racking, stacking & power on; Cabling/Patching in patch panels, Feruling (Labelling) of Cables & equipment within the rack; Plugging in loop-back cables, providing a hard loop for customer within the rack to test circuits remotely (specialty loop-back cables, where required, provided by customer); Re-seating or replacing components that are hot swappable & modular, if no tools are required & enterprise cloud will not open the outer encasement of customer’s equipment (replacement parts provided by customer); & more.  


Domain Name & Web Hosting

We understand the importance of a reliable & efficient web hosting service for businesses who are looking to establish a strong online presence. With our cutting-edge infrastructure, advanced technologies, & commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a range of web hosting packages with variety of domain names options that suite your specific needs. Our web hosting plans include generous disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, & a user-friendly control panel to manage your website effortlessly. A domain name is a vital component of establishing & managing an online presence. It is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses, & organisations to secure their brand name & strengthening their online digital identity.

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