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Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of e&

Present in the Middle East since 2004 & strategically acquired by e& in 2020, Help AG has become a cybersecurity & digital transformation powerhouse in the region. We provide leading enterprises & governments across the region with strategic consultancy combined with tailored information security solutions & services that address diverse requirements, enabling them to evolve securely with a competitive edge.

Cybersecurity That’s Fit For The Future

400+ Cybersecurity Practitioners
500+ Corporate Clients
120+ Zero Day Vulnerability Findings
100K+ Closed Support Cases

Our Approach

At Help AG, we offer you unmatched technical expertise & industry-leading, next-generation cybersecurity services & solutions combined with strategic consultancy to address diverse requirements, ultimately empowering enterprises & government organisations to stay secure in a constantly evolving threat landscape.

We serve the entire cybersecurity value chain with an end-to-end portfolio of services & solutions along with years of experience & cross-domain expertise, enabling us to pick technology best suited to an organisation's needs & configure complex security structures.

As a pioneer proponent of the ‘service-centric approach’, we have built offerings that customers can avail ‘as-a-service’ based on state-of-the-art security platforms & tools with defined SLAs.

We offer flexible financing options that optimise cybersecurity investments via OpEx & Pay-As-You-Grow models of payment, that scale at the speed of your business growth.

The reach, in-country hyperscale environments & high-speed connectivity of Etisalat enable Help AG to offer ‘fit for future’ services with near zero latency.

As part of our incubation program, niche partners are nurtured & assigned an incubation champion, who then manages internal & external collaboration towards accelerating the growth of the technology partner to mainstream status.

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Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of e& enterprise, is a leading provider of strategic consultancy & tailored information security solutions & services & is recognised as the Middle East's trusted IT security advisor. Watch this video to learn more.

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Keep tabs on the latest happenings in the cybersecurity landscape & get access to expert insights & findings, all in one place.

Read all about the latest digital threats from Help AG’s MSS team, who are among the first in the region to learn & act upon new threats.

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Join Help AG at cybersecurity events across the Middle East, spotlighting the threat landscape, trends, & new services, giving insights on how organisations can stay secure in the age of digital transformation.

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Cybersecurity Services

Help AG offers unmatched expertise & industry-leading next-generation cybersecurity services & solutions. We assess, defend, & respond 24x7x365.

Cybersecurity Platforms

Help AG builds in-country cybersecurity platforms by utilising best-in-class technologies, protecting customers from evolving cyber threats.

E2E Zero Trust Solutions

Help AG ensures E2E security for devices, applications, networks, & infrastructure while maintaining accessibility & user experience.

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