Private Cloud

Combine our long experience in private cloud while meeting governance & security mandates


We understand some enterprise organisations may not be ready for public cloud yet & would prefer to build or otherwise expand their existing on-premises cloud infrastructure to accommodate new workloads.

Alternatively large enterprises & government organisations may have infrastructure hosting requirements for which public cloud providers may not be the ideal choice.

Reasons can range from obstacles in adopting public cloud services due to policies introduced by internal IT department to end user application latency, amongst others.

For customers in these categories, e& enterprise offers private & hybrid cloud solutions, based on technologies from our partner ecosystem. At e& enterprise, we have some of the country's most certified technical pre-sales & professional services experts including multi-VCIX who have helped delivering private cloud solutions to some of the country's largest enterprise organisations.

e& enterprise private cloud solution & capabilities

Bring The Cloud Experience to On-Premises

Data Sovereignty & Compliance

Store sensitive data & workloads within your data centres, offering compliance with any internal or regulatory security mandates for workload placement.

Optimise Performance

Minimise latency & network costs while maximising performance by keeping your data, processing & end users close together, especially for workloads that require low-latency & intensive processing.

Mission Critical Workloads

Keep supporting your legacy & mission critical applications on your data centres, & avoid cost of expensive migration & data management in the public cloud.

Go Hybrid

Harness the power of both, the private & public clouds by operating in a hybrid model. Place workloads in your cloud of choice & move workloads between the two worlds any time with a secure hybrid connectivity from Etisalat.

Managed Services with SLAs

We offer our private & hybrid cloud solutions with SLAs for intra-region or inter-region platform availability as well as managed services to assist with day 2 operations to ensure your organisation focuses on its business.

Predictable Spending

Private cloud hosting offers a set cost over time since your environment is set up based on the resources needed. This leads to predictable spending & lowers total cost of ownership.

Private Cloud Solutions

Software defined everything, built by VMware & partners

Bring public cloud efficiencies to private cloud computing solutions by building modern private cloud with self-service capabilities through VMware VCF.

Served up the way you want
Choose between fully managed or self-managed based private cloud deployments. We offer our customers fully managed private cloud including hypervisor, servers, storage & even operating systems.
Automation Nation
Allow for efficient Day 2 operations by enabling automated use-cases through vRealise Automation for the most common & mundane of tasks to increase productivity.
Full Stack Solution
Our private VMware cloud solutions can be complemented with integrated technology from partners for backup & storage to deliver a comprehensive private cloud solution.

Bring AWS cloud to your data centre with AWS outpost

AWS outposts solution from Etisalat enables organisations to get best of both words by complying with data regulations, accessing AWS services locally, & tapping into AWS cloud over a private & secure connection.

Low Latency Access
Bring the power of the cloud to your on-premises data centre close to your users & workloads with single-digit millisecond latencies.
Data Residency
Ideal solution for highly regulated industries. Keep data processing local & comply with data residency laws.
Seamless Integration
Bring your existing AWS automation & operating model to on-premises & access wide range of AWS services locally.

The full Oracle public cloud experience on your data centre

Meet your demanding regulatory, data sovereignty & application latency requirements while using modern Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services & Oracle fusion SaaS applications from within their data centres.

Consistence Experience
Meet your demanding regulatory, data sovereignty & application latency requirements while using modern Oracle cloud infrastructure services & Oracle fusion SaaS applications from within their data centres.
Boost Performance
Low-latency interaction with your on-premises applications & databases & access to autonomous database operations that reduce complexity.
Flexible configurations & low, consumption-based pricing for all infrastructure & platform cloud services lower your costs.
Extend Azure services & capabilities to your environment of choice from the data centre to edge locations & remote offices with Azure stack.
Azure Stack Edge
Get rapid insights with an azure managed appliance using compute & hardware accelerated machine learning at edge locations for your IoT & AI workloads.
Azure Stack HCI
Refresh your virtualisation host using a hybrid & hyper converged solution integrated with Azure.
Azure Stack Hub
Run your own private, autonomous cloud-connected or disconnected with cloud-native apps using consistent Azure services on-premises.

Our Approach

Discover a partnership that helps you grow new revenue streams & build the future

Our unique multi cloud approach & partnership with many public cloud hyperscalers in the region helps you choose the right cloud for the right workload & at the right price.

Our team of cloud experts help you define the right strategy and cloud platforms that works best for your business

Get your workloads to the cloud by selecting the best proven architecture for your business needs.

Let our teams manage, operate & optimise your cloud workloads, keeping your focus on driving more value for your business.

Reduce your risk & exposure to cyber attacks in the cloud with our wide range of cybersecurity offerings.

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