Smart Utilities

Revolutionising Utility Management with Intelligent, Efficient, & Connected Solutions

Under our Smart Utilities offering, advanced technology & intelligent solutions converge to revolutionise the utility landscape. Our cutting-edge offerings, ranging from Head End Platforms to Consumer & Field Workforce Applications, are designed to supercharge your utility management, bringing about enhanced efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, & operational transformation. 

Step into a world where real-time data, advanced analytics, & seamless connectivity are at your fingertips, empowering you to unlock unparalleled insights & control over your utility operations. Whether you aim to streamline metre data management, optimise your field workforce, or revolutionise your consumer engagement, we have the smart utility solutions that can elevate your operations to new heights.

Solutions Overview

Harness the transformative power of smart utilities with our suite of solutions & discover how we can ignite your journey towards a smarter, more efficient utility future.

Head End Platform

Real-time Data Collection & Management System

Our Head End Platform (HES) is a robust system designed to collect & manage real-time data from various smart devices within a utility network. By integrating with advanced metering infrastructure, it enables efficient data communication, offers improved visibility into utility operations, & facilitates prompt issue resolution, paving the way for more efficient utility management. We provide last mile connectivity & Cloud Connect to Etisalat OneCloud.

Distribution Substation Monitoring

A Comprehensive Solution for Substation Monitoring

Our DSMD solution offers real-time visibility into the operational status of distribution substations, enabling utilities to monitor & control various parameters remotely. This proactive monitoring approach improves grid reliability, optimises power distribution, minimises outage durations, & enhances overall operational efficiency. 

Meter Data Management

Effective Management of Utility Consumption Data

Our Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is a centralised platform that collects, cleanses, & analyses utility metre data. This solution provides detailed consumption insights, enabling utilities to improve customer service, forecast demand more accurately, implement demand response programs, & enhance overall operational efficiency.

Consumer & Field Workforce Applications

Optimising Customer Service & Workforce Efficiency

Our consumer & field workforce applications provide mobile platforms for both utility customers & field personnel. These applications enable efficient communication, streamline customer service requests, improve response times, & increase field workforce productivity. They also empower customers with direct access to their consumption data, fostering energy awareness & promoting conservation. 

Edge Devices (Single or Multi-Protocol)

Interoperable Solutions for Smart Utility Infrastructure

Our range of edge devices supports single or multi-protocol compatibility, ensuring seamless integration within a diverse smart utility infrastructure. These devices capture & communicate real-time data from various sources, enabling accurate monitoring, controlling of utility resources, & supporting the transition towards a more responsive & efficient utility network.

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