Data Protection as a Service Powered by Acronis

Keep your business in business with a locally hosted, secure to use backup and recovery solution for your business critical virtual, cloud, and mobile platforms.

Modernise your business continuity approach with an AI-powered all-in-one integrated backup, disaster recovery and cybersecurity platform.

Unexpected downtime and data loss costs your business valuable time and money. Whether you are confronted with a phishing attack or ransomware, or an app you need suddenly crashes - having a backup of your data, applications, and systems ensures you can recover quickly and get back to work. e& enterprise has partnered with Acronis to provide data protection services to clients' data no matter where it might reside across physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments.

Hosted in e& enterprise’s Tier III data centers in the UAE, the service offers backup and recovery capabilities with near-zero RPOs and RTOs that cover more than 20 different platforms – including physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile – no matter where the data rests, how large it gets, or how you choose to move or access it.


e& enterprise Data Protection as a Service natively integrates data protection with advanced cybersecurity to protect endpoints, systems, and data. This revolutionary approach eliminates fundamental complexity challenges, delivers better protection against today’s advanced threats, and maximises resource efficiency. 


With e& enterprise Data Protection as a Service, you can now manage data protection and cybersecurity capabilities from a single pane of glass and proactively counter cyber threats with advanced AI-based behavioral detection engine that stops malware, ransomware, and zeroday attacks on endpoints and systems.


Advanced Packs – leverage add-on services to enable better data & cyber protection

Advanced Security + EDR

Secure your endpoints with ease: catch fast, analyse deep, fix quick, stay always open for business

Advanced Security

Full-stack anti-malware to replace inefficient, legacy antivirus with integrated cyber protection

Advanced Management

Simplify remote monitoring, management and protection of your endpoints

Advanced Automation

Optimise your business operations with automated billing and smarter resource utilisation

Advanced Backup

Extend the cloud backup capabilities your business requires to proactively protect your data

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Rapidly restore and recover your workloads or services in the event of ransomware, hardware failure, and any other disruption

Advanced Email Security

Shield your users from spam, phishing, BEC, ATO, malware, APTs, even zeroday before they reach end users’ mailboxes

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Optimise provisioning, configuration, and management, to prevent data leakage from your workloads and strengthen regulatory compliance

Advanced File Sync & Share

Secure eIDAS eSignature integrated with cloud file sharing

Typical Use Cases

Customers can protect their remote workforce and data with native security elements regardless of their OS. 

Customers can backup and protect all their endpoints, work stations and business-critical servers from anywhere to a centralised location.

Customers can now protect their business-critical platforms applications to safeguard business resilience, eliminate data loss and any potential downtime from malicious actors.

Customers can now protect the full range of data stored across Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Enhance your data protection capabilities with advanced cybersecurity at no cost

Eliminate gaps in your data protrection with a single solution that addresses all three layers of protection:

     Proactive: Vulnerability assessments, patch management, security posture monitoring, threat hunting and removal of malware from backups.

     Active: Continuous data protection, real-time threat protection and informed threat investigations.

     Reactive: Rapid response to security incidents and recovery of data with attack rollbacks, integrated disaster recovery and additional investigation capabilities like forensic backups and remote connections

Simplify your data protection efforts with a single tool that addresses all aspects of management:

     One license

     One agent

     One management console

    One vendor support line

     One source of shared information about protected systems

Get rid of unnecessary costs and deliver better data protection with the resources that you already have:

   Streamlined management

   No need for new hardware

    No additional IT staff

   No training required

   No need to spend time and money managing multiple vendors

Complete data protection and recovery for modern day cyber threats with proactive data safe guards:

     Endpoint recovery: Prevent reinfection via integrated antimalware scanning and malware removal

     Fail-safe patching: Automatically back up endpoints before installing any patches enabling immediate roll-back

     Forensic backup: Include valuable digital evidence in backups to simplify and speed up investigations

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