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Our business strategy is overseen by our leadership team who are driving us towards a new and exciting chapter in our growth journey to create a better future using digital solutions while empowering our team, our customers, and the societies we live in. 

Each one of our leaders are responsible for developing knowledge and internal capabilities, innovating across industries, empowering our people, and delivering customer impact. 

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A Message From Our CEO

"We are experiencing the deepest technological revolution in history and it’s imperative for every business  to leverage the power of digital. Whether it’s scaling up, expanding your business, unlocking new business models, or embedding ESG into your operations, our digital solutions are designed to meet your specific challenges and maximise your digital capabilities. We consciously focus on innovation, co-creation and partnerships to ensure that we can serve, end-to-end, our customers in the best way possible”

Salvador Anglada

Meet The Leadership Team

The senior leadership team relentlessly focuses on driving our company, guiding our strategy, and leading our people. They help us navigate dynamic markets, identify opportunities and position us for success.

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Embrace change as our digital transformation industry experts & innovation across Cloud & Edge help you build a better tomorrow.