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The sustainability consultancy programme gives a free GHG assessment to 8 companies in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Another 15 qualifying organisations get a 30% off.

The programme runs in collaboration with leaders in sustainability solutions: Anthesis, Microsoft and World Wide Generation.

Benefits and Opportunities

Regulatory Compliance

Many regions and countries have regulations and policies targeting GHG emissions reduction. Conducting GHG assessments helps companies comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines or legal issues.

Reputation and Brand Value

Companies that actively manage and reduce their GHG emissions are often viewed more favourably by consumers, investors, and stakeholders. This enhanced reputation can translate into increased brand value and customer loyalty.

Operational Efficiency

GHG assessments can identify areas where energy and resources are being wasted. Addressing these inefficiencies not only reduces emissions but also leads to cost savings.

Risk Management

Understanding a company's GHG emissions profile can help in identifying risks related to climate change and environmental regulations. This knowledge allows companies to develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

Investment and Funding Opportunities

Companies that demonstrate a commitment to reducing their GHG emissions have better access to investment and funding opportunities, especially those focused on sustainability.

Market Competitiveness

In many sectors, sustainability and low carbon operations are increasingly becoming factors in competitive advantage. Companies leading in GHG management have an edge over their competitors.

Innovation and Long-Term Planning

The process of assessing and managing GHG emissions drives innovation in products and processes. It also supports long-term strategic planning by aligning business practices with the global shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

GHG assessments provide concrete data that companies can use in communicating with stakeholders about their environmental impact and sustainability efforts

Consultancy Scope of Work

Develop GHG Inventory (Scope 1, 2, and Scope 3)

● Define the GHG Accounting Boundary for Scope 1, 2, & 3.

● Collect relevant GHG inventory data for scope 1 & 2.

● Scope 3 - Screen and prioritise the most relevant categories (out of 15) based on the customer's supply chain.

● Collect relevant Scope 3 categories inventory data and, where necessary, estimate it.

● Compile the inventory for Scope 1, 2, & 3.

Develop Reduction Targets

● Identify emission hotspots.

● Suggest emission reduction target scenarios and agree on target ambitions with internal stakeholders.

● Finalise Targets.

SBTi Validation Support

● Complete the SBTi Submission form.

● Submit the target to SBTi (Note: Fee for SBTi will be paid by the customer).

● Provide support throughout the SBTi process.

Roadmap and Best Practices

● Develop a roadmap for the customer to meet the target trajectory.

● Recommend various best practices/solutions/initiatives to reduce emission impac

Empowering Sustainable Business

Explore Microsoft Sustainability Manager and WWG’s G17Eco Trial Programs

This program is enhanced by the inclusion of a one-month trial of Microsoft Sustainability Manager, a flexible, extensible solution that enables organisations to record, report, and reduce their environmental impact across their operations and value chain. Additionally, the program includes a one-month trial of WWG’s G17Eco platform, which features 30 ESG metrics and AI-powered sustainability disclosure

How It Works


Review the criteria below and see if your organisation qualifies.


 Submit an application detailing your sustainability goals, practices, and commitment.


Our team evaluates applications against set criteria and selects qualifying organisations.


We will conduct a thorough GHG assessment as per the scope of work.


Receive a detailed report, including insights and actionable recommendations to propel your sustainability journey.

Qualification Criteria

Be based or have significant operations within the UAE or KSA regions.

Demonstrate a genuine interest in improving their sustainability practices.

The program is only for large-sized entities that can influence the market and have a considerable environmental footprint.

Belong to sectors with high environmental impacts or have the potential for significant sustainability improvements.

Be willing and able to provide the necessary data for a comprehensive sustainability assessment.

Commit to engaging with the results of the assessment and considering the implementation of recommendations.

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