Mobile Spam Policy

Regulatory Guidelines for Marketing text SMS

Key Policy Highlights

1. Consent management
  • Messaging Service Subscriber shall obtain & store all consent in CMS
  • All Promotional existing & new Sender ID’s to be created in CMS
  • Licensee to verify consent
  • Recycle consent for all MSISDNs ceased or ownership change
2. Option to Block
  • Messaging Service subscriber to provide free blocking mechanism to mobile subscriber
  • Clear response to mobile subscribers for a block & unblock request
  • Messaging Service Subscriber shall not send Marketing Text Messages to Mobile Subscribers between the hours of 9:00 p.m. & 7:00 a.m
3. SMS Traffic Segregation
  • Differentiate between promotional & transactional
  • Sub categorisation of sender IDs into segments
  • Promotional traffic sender IDs to start with “AD-”
  • Allow for blocking all or specific promotional traffic