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We help customers leverage this worldwide cloud leading platform with our strategic partnership with AWS, we focus on helping organisations achieve the most out of AWS technologies.

Powered by Etisalat Cloud Connectivity (Direct Connect), & our professional & managed services capabilities, we offer a one stop shop to help you accelerate your digital transformation for today & beyond.


Building the future with e& enterprise & AWS

Cloud Connectivity

We provide last mile connectivity & DirectConnect to AWS.

Professional Services

From Strategy & advisory to adoption & migration, our AWS experts helps you accelerate new opportunities for your business.

Managed Services

Unified service delivery across provisioning, network, database & cost monitoring services – all packaged in a multi-tier offering.

Cloud Security

Protect data, apps & infrastructure with our experienced cloud security engineers.

AWS Investments

Access to AWS funds through e& enterprise for usage incurred during PoCs (Promotional credits) or co-invest fund for professional services & cloud migration projects.

Cloud Experts

Highly certified & experienced team including AWS certified architects & technical AWS Cloud Specialities: advanced networking, security & databases.

AWS System Integrator Partner of the Year

"AWS System Integrator Partner of the Year is not just a recongition of technical capabilities but a testament to how Bespin Global is supporting customers in utilising the AWS Cloud to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and achieve tangible business results"

Miguel Angel Villalonga

COO, e& enterprise

AWS Managed & Professional Services

Take the load off migrating your critical workloads and managing your services on the AWS cloud platform.

Leveraging AWS DMS to migrate customers’ data to and from the most widely used commercial and open-source databases.

Implementing AWS RDS by aligning with the customers’ requirements and applying industry best practices.

Helping businesses effectively leverage every benefit of building & deploying containerized applications on the AWS Cloud through Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS).

Helping organizations implement AWS Config, a tool that continually assesses, audits, and evaluates resource configurations in a simplified and streamlined manner.

Equipping businesses with a private and dedicated network to the AWS cloud - boosting performance, reducing costs, and simplifying hybrid-cloud complexities.

Protecting your web applications or APIs against common web exploits and bots that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

Ensure our customers lower their overall costs of deploying and running any Windows applications on AWS EC2 instances, quickly, securely, and with minimal disruption.

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