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Connectivity is at the heart of industry transformation & 5G is playing a key role in accelerating this transformation. We can usher you into the future & help you realise the full potential of 5G in accelerating your business growth. Let us enable you to make informed decisions with our wide range of IoT solutions tailored to give you prescriptive insights & real-time data.

IoT Connectivity

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IoT connectivity is a key enabler for the ongoing digital disruption & a pillar for any successful IoT implementation. 5G powered IoT products & services are paving the way for unlimited business possibilities, models, & revenue streams. IoT 5G connectivity enables unlimited band width, quality of service, high reliability, high security, ultra low latency & massive deployments of IoT sensors.


Low Power IoT Connectivity

Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) is the first technology focused on connecting to the internet everyday objects that required small amounts of data over long periods of time. This technology was developed to enable efficient communication & long battery life for mass distributed devices & uses the already established mobile networks to connect these “things”.

LTE-M or LTE CatM1 is a low power wide area technology which supports IoT through lower device complexity & provides extended coverage.

Products & Services

A wide range of solutions & services ready to transform businesses & industries & unleash the power of 5G.


5G private network offering high network availability & reliability for business assurance. NB-IoT, an optimised architecture that allows businesses reap the benefits of low data rates & wide coverage.

M2M Platform

Machine to machine control centre that enables customer to launch, modify, & scale connected deployments.

IoT Connectivity Solutions

Services for connected devices across different verticals ranging from automotive & mobility to healthcare, manufacturing, energy & media.

Evolution of 5G Connectivity Across the Different Industries

  • High bandwidth connectivity for infotainment.
  • Low latency & high bandwidth to enable remote diagnostic & support.
  • Monetisation of data assets for OEM.
  • Transmitting high volume high definition videos.
  • Cloud gaming.
  • VR to enhance shopping & retail customer experience.

Connected workers transform decision making by effortlessly tracking time spent onsite v/s travel, measuring productivity on site including proactive v/s reactive maintenance work.

  • Ultra reliable connection in remote Oil & Gas facilities via private network.
  • Automated real-time grid switching to renewable resources.
  • Support applications that require high reliability, ultra- low latency connectivity with strong security.
  • Tactile internet to enable remote operations.
  • Enhancement of clinical trials through wearables.
  • Evolution of predictive diagnosis.

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