IoT & AI Command Centre

Fully fledged monitoring & control services around the clock


At the heart of the e& enterprise value proposition is a 24/7 Internet of Things & AI command Centre offering a single point of contact for all IoT operations maintaining consistent superior quality & level of service.

Our Features

Managed Services

More than 60 experts offer L0, L1, L2 & L3 service level support for different IoT verticals. The team also proactively monitors & manages devices including onboarding & configuration.

DevOps & IoT Professional Services

Enhance efficiency & productivity by providing new in-house projects design, development & support, Incident handling, applications Development Operations (DevOps) along with daily reporting of Application Capacity, Platform Availability & Integrated/interfaced systems.

AI Capabilities

IoT & AI Operations uses AI to automate operation processes, easily identify problems & possible areas of improvements. It proactively plans resources to elevate the level of services by maximising utilisation & minimising cost of maintaining the service.

AI & IoT are combining to provide greater visibility & control over a wide array of devices & sensors.

Valuable Benefits

Improve Decision Making

Our solutions help tear down the walls between operational technology & information technology, through forming an infrastructure of connectivity between entities, enabling the true transformation of unstructured data into tangible business values.

Enhance Customer Experience

IoT& AI Operation enables data analysis, inventory management, security, & increased efficiency & productivity which will enhance the customer experience & satisfaction.

Increase Uptime Availability

Troubleshoot, analyse, diagnose & resolve customer issues.

Reduce Risks

By handling risk & security assessment & mitigation, firewall policies implementation, network reachability, incident handling & user access management.

Seamless System Integration

Unique environment with agile service model allow data from billions of IoT devices to be gathered, stored, exchanged, & analysed by digital experts.

Let's work together

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