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Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of e& enterprise, is uniquely positioned to secure your connectivity to the cloud

The cloud has changed how we deploy security fundamentally. Data governance in the cloud is vastly different & with the agility & speed required by enterprises, information security teams are presented with a new set of security challenges. Help AG addresses these real security challenges & assists customers in the secure enablement & adoption of cloud & cloud-native services in all forms. We secure the cloud native construct; on prem or in the cloud. We control & secure your data and identity, while innovating solutions & cloud focused capabilities across all services teams.

The Help AG promise

Help AG offers expert consultancy & the technical know how to empower the cloud journeys of customers ensuring the highest levels of security.


Cloud Security Paradox

The cloud does not change the requirement for security, but it does change how we deploy cybersecurity fundamentally. DevOps needs to become synonymous with DevSecOps.

Our Capabilities


Help AG evaluates the cloud & cloud-native environments to understand security risks, identifies opportunities for improvement & implements regulatory requirements & best practices to meet business goals.


Help AG's thought leadership from experience in cloud technology positions it to partner with customers to ensure that organisational drivers empowering cloud adoption are guided successfully to completion while never compromising on security.


Help AG’s capability is driven by foundational design with well-architected principles & the interoperability of services to cater to specific security needs. We strive for excellence in mapping security controls directly to actionable output.


With Help AG’s strategic partnerships, certifications & experience on cloud technologies, it provides 24x7 support to customers, acting as a first respondent & mediator in dealing with issues in a rapid, transparent & authentic approach.


From dedicated monitoring & proactive threat mitigation to specialised security incident response, the Help AG CSOC is designed & fully capable within the cloud, cloud-native & legacy environments to ensure operational excellence.

Cloud Security Services

Governance & Compliance

From regulatory requirements & industry specific compliance requirements to corporate standards, Help AG’s expert consultancy team will work with you to ensure that you’re compliant.


Identity & Access Management

In the cloud, identity is the new perimeter, Help AG’s expert teams can assist in evaluating configuration best practice, least privilege, & to identify gaps in security as well as recommend best of breed solutions from strategic vendors to ensure ongoing compliance.


Application Infrastructure Protection

From securing the software supply chain to securing runtimes, Help AG’s expert teams will assist in posture assessment & SaaS security reviews. Through our partnership with strategic vendors, we work with customers to ensure that DevSecOps is applied on the left by making security an integral part of the software supply chain as well as on the right by empowering traditional security teams with DevOps.


Network Infrastructure Protection

Software defined networks are not a new feature of cloud computing, however each CSP has slight nuances in its implementations & all of the best practices organisations have learnt on-prem do not necessarily apply. As everybody moves towards a hybrid multi-cloud world, Help AG aims to enable secure connectivity to cloud, secure inter-cloud connectivity & network security in & of the cloud environments through our partnership with strategic vendors & a wealth of experience.


Data Protection

Data when deployed in the cloud is a lot more accessible than it ever was when deployed on-prem, it is each organisation’s responsibility to keep this data secure, Help AG’s expert teams can assist & provide guidance even in cloud-native environments where data security is even more complex.


Monitoring & Intelligence

Insight into security events happening across cloud & on-prem environments is a vital part of the journey to secure cloud. Identifying, understanding & mitigating threats as soon as they occur is paramount to the success of any cloud deployment. Help AG along with our strategic vendors can help to turn this often untapped data-source into actionable insights along with automated remediation solutions for the most common threats plaguing cloud deployments today.


Secure Your Cloud Journey With Us

We secure the cloud native construct on prem & in the cloud. Regardless of the location & delivery model we control & secure your data & identity through identifying innovative solutions & vendors. We integrate cloud focused capabilities across all the services & teams.


Holistic Security

We look at cloud security holistically & take best practices from the cloud hyperscalers, industry, & regulatory bodies as well as emerging product specific nuances.


Purpose Built Cybersecurity Ecosystem

We offer a range of managed security services under our "Help AG as a Service" philosophy whereby we assume the ownership of your security challenges & our experts secure your journey to the cloud.


Digital Domain Expertise

We are investing heavily into the security of emerging technologies like blockchain, containers, serverless, etc. while keeping the enterprise needs of our customers in mind.


Local Cloud

We are uniquely positioned to secure connectivity to the cloud & our partnerships with the world’s hyperscale-cloud providers enables us to secure any workloads that might be deployed there.

Our Approach

Discover a partnership that helps you grow new revenue streams & build the future

Our unique multi cloud approach & partnership with many public cloud hyperscalers in the region helps you choose the right cloud for the right workload & at the right price.

Our team of cloud experts helps you define the right strategy & cloud platforms that work best for your business.

Get your workloads to the cloud by selecting the best proven architecture for your business needs.

Let our teams manage, operate & optimise your cloud workloads, keeping your focus on driving more value for your business.

Reduce your risk & exposure to cyber attacks in the cloud with our wide range of cybersecurity offerings.

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